Curious tale of the central Asian oligarchs and the City of London

It is May 2010 at Monaco’s vast Le Sporting banquet hall, where 800 guests have responded to an invitation from one of central Asia’s most powerful, and secretive, oligarchs.

The host has packed the venue’s gardens with white roses and arranged for entertainment from the singer Jennifer Lopez and French DJ David Guetta.

Several guests execute an impromptu lezginka, a traditional dance from the Caucasus, and a crowd forms to shower them with $100 and €100 bills, a sign of the donors’ respect, which is then paid to the musicians.

The grand celebrations have been arranged to mark the wedding of one Sabir Chodiev, the son of Patokh Chodiev, 60, an Uzbek businessman whose then £1.85bn fortune had largely been secured with two Kyrgyz business partners in resource-rich Kazakhstan.